Current Club Circles of Interest

Members wishing to attend a Circle meeting are asked to contact the relevant Circle Leader. Contact details are provided on your printed Club Member Contact List.

The Art Appreciation Circle
Leader: Margaret Duncan

The Art Appreciation Circle meets on the second Tuesday of each month, preceded by a luncheon at 12.00 pm. Most members attend the lunch as it provides an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with others in an informal atmosphere. Guest speakers cover a wide range of artistic topics and the meetings usually conclude at about 2.30 pm. 

Art Gallery Tour Group
Leader: Chris Thomas
The Art Gallery Visiting Group meets on the third Friday of each month at 10.20am, in the Art Gallery of South Australia Café. At 10.30 am the tour commences and our Gallery guide explains the current exhibition or works of art with a special theme. The tour lasts for one hour. Sometimes, instead of the Gallery, we have a tour of another exhibition at, for example, Carrick Hill. After the tour, we are encouraged to have lunch together.

Asian Culture Circle
Leader: Rosemary Gumley

The Asian Culture Circle meets on the first Monday of each month at 11am.

Bridge Circle (Day)
Leader: Pat Hardy
Leader: Dodi Ansell

Day Bridge is held on the fourth Friday of each month from 11.30 am. Lunch is served at the tables at 12.30 pm, and play continues till 2.30 pm. The calibre of players varies from very good to adequate, but we all enjoy playing and each other’s company, so you never need to feel daunted about joining us – we would be delighted to welcome you.

We play with the same partners for one year and then it is usual to change partners in the following year. This is in keeping with the spirit of the Club. It is also stimulating and interesting to meet other players. 

A small group also meets to play bridge on the first Friday at 11.30. 


Bridge Circle (Night)
Leader: Jan Lanser

Night Bridge is held on the second Tuesday evening of each month. Many of us meet at 6pm in the Club for a pub meal prior to play at 7pm. The evening draws to a close at 9.45pm, for a 10.00pm departure. We welcome new and experienced players. 

French Circle

The French Circle meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 11.00am. After a short business meeting, members present short papers in French on topics of interest, or provide articles from French newspapers or magazines for reading and translation. An ability to understand both spoken and written French is presumed. The meeting concludes at 12.00 noon, when members adjourn to the Dining Room for luncheon.

Film Circle
Leader: Dianne Campbell OAM

The Film Circle is new in 2019 and meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm.

History Circle
Leader: Dianne Russell

The History Circle meets on the second Thursday of the month at 12pm at the Club, when we have lunch followed by our meeting. Our agenda on historical subjects is chosen by the members and presented in an informal manner. This approach has proved to be most popular, with papers presented on subjects as diverse as Notable Women, the Introduction of Music Studies at the University, the History of Salt, to William Huskisson’s Terrible Accident! We warmly welcome new members.

Literature Circle
The Literature Circle meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Our meetings start at 1.00pm preceded by lunch at 12.00 noon. The format of the meeting is a brief business meeting followed by a speaker who might discuss a particular author or genre, their work as teachers of literature, producers or performers in theatrical productions, or as writers themselves. On occasions, members contribute to a meeting when they are able to share their pleasure in an author or in books they have enjoyed.

Mah-jong Circle
Leader: Geraldine Shuttleworth

The Mah-jong Circle meets on the second Friday of the month from 11.00am to 2.30 or 3.00pm. Absolute beginners and experienced players are all welcome in this relaxed group.

Murder Inc.
Leader: Dianne Campbell OAM

This Circle is new in 2019. It meets at 1`1am, with members asked to order their lunch at 10:45. The Circle focuses on crime fiction.

Opera and Music Appreciation Circle
Leader: Marion McCall

The Opera Circle meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 12 noon for a light lunch. At 1.00pm there is usually a talk about a particular opera, composer, or musical style interspersed with appropriate music from selected CDs or DVDs; or talks from members regarding particular operas; or a comparison of different voices or genres. Three times a year it is hoped to have a Musical Appreciation afternoon with music presented by visiting performers. The afternoon finishes at 2.00pm. We encourage members to attend and enjoy.

Poetry Circle
The Poetry Circle meets at 11.00am on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Subjects are varied, with poems old and new from many countries. South Australia too is rich in talents, bush poets, nature poets and migrant poets, all with their special stories. There is normally an invited speaker at our meetings although there are occasionally days when Circle Members speak. There are always opportunities to ask questions and discuss the poems as well as the background stories associated with them.

Reading Circle
The Reading Circle meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 10:45am, followed by lunch at 12pm. Books are selected several times a year from titles recommended by members, one book being the subject for each meeting. A review is presented, after which others are invited to contribute to general discussion; as most have taken the opportunity to obtain a copy and read the book, discussion is likely to be lively.

Science and International Circle
Leader: Jan Lanser

This Circle meets on the first Thursday of every month. The format of the meeting varies, being a round table discussion over lunch or a talk by an invited speaker followed by lunch. The Members meet at 12.00pm, after ordering lunch by 11:45, and the Circle finishes at 2.00pm. A Speaker may be arranged and at some meetings it is a member of the Circle. The subject of the day may focus on international affairs or a particular country of topical interest or an area of scientific interest.

Theatre Collective
The Theatre Collective meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 11am. If you are interested in seeing and discussing theatre and in reading plays please join us.

Travel Circle
Leader: Julie Brownell

The Travel Circle meets on the third Thursday of each month at 12.00pm for lunch at the Club. We usually have a speaker, sometimes a Circle or Club member and sometimes from outside the Club, telling us of places they have visited. Many of the talks are illustrated with a Power Point presentation, maps, pictures and mementoes.